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Estate Planning Legal Services

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Many see estate planning as simply “getting a will,” “funding a trust,” or “naming a power of attorney.” For the attorneys at Chinnery Evans & Nail, it is that and much more. Estate planning is a comprehensive process which we aim to make simple for each client. It involves organizing and coordinating a person’s life belongings during their life as well as after their departure. To ensure your possessions are taken care of by those you love, Chinnery Evans and Nail helps its clients with the following:

  • Evaluating which planning tools will best serve the client. We believe an estate plan should maximize the preservation of assets for the intended beneficiaries and alleviate or eliminate the burdens and costs associated with administering an estate plan.
  • Creating different types of trusts suited specifically for you. Proper use and implementation of a trust can result in creatively and effectively passing assets to beneficiaries without probate or court involvement. In addition, the trusts we prepare may address a host of client needs related to estate and gift tax planning, asset protection, and a special needs beneficiaries.
  • Drafting wills. Sometimes executed in tandem with a trust and sometimes alone, a will is essential for the client wanting to assure the courts know who they wish to serve as to name the guardian of a client’s minor children or simply to make sure possessions pass to the appropriate people and causes you care about.
  • Drafting powers of attorney. This legal document allows you to is for financial and healthcare decisions in order to preserve your dignity and independence in the event of a disability. In simpler terms, the document allows the client ot name the person dictates who has authority to make decisions on your behalf with respect to business and financial matters as well as healthcare choicesof another person in regards to important matters, not always heath related.
  • Advising beneficiary designations. It is often the simplest way of transferring assets at death without the use of the probate process, but if not done correctly or with the overall estate plan in mind, a beneficiary designation can result in unintended consequencesresults. We help clients with various types of assets, such as IRAs, 401(k)s, ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Plans), pensions, and life insurance, to navigate their choices and make sure their end goal matches up the designations they use meet their objectives.
  • Retitling assets. An estate plan may not be effective without the proper titling of assets. The attorneys at Chinnery Evans & Nail provide guidance and assistance, when requested, as a client retitles accounts, real estate, vehicles, and other personal property.

When Should I Plan My Estate?

It’s honestly never too early to plan your estate, so the answer is NOW! It’s a great feeling knowing you have everything in place for unexpected tragedies. If you have any questions about estate planning or aren’t sure where to start, contact us at Chinnery Evans & Nail, and we’ll help give you peace of mind.

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